Seattle Mid-Singles Conference FAQs

Why should I attend?

Cool people! Lots of opportunities to check out Seattle's awesome landmarks while meeting new friends. 

How much does the conference cost?

We're still working on the cost. This year the registration fee will be higher than in the past.  Previously, we received funds to support this conference from the 35 stakes in the western Washington region, but as was decided by our area authorities, this is not happening this year.  We are thankful to the 8 stakes in the Seattle/Eastside region that have donated a some funds, but this year the registration fee will be higher to cover the cost of the conference.  

Can I mail a check rather than registering online?

No, we have found that it has been somewhat difficult to keep track of checks that are mailed.  

What if I can't afford the registration fee?

Your ward may be able to pay the registration fee. Talk to your bishop to find out if this is a possibility.  

Where can I get updates on the conference?

For conference updates, check the Schedule of Events page as well as the Facebook Event page (click here for the page). Add yourself and your friends to the Facebook event page.

Will there be a temple session this year?

Yes!  The temple is not closed, as it usually is during July.  We will have a temple session on Thursday July 26th.  

Can I bring my children to the conference?

No, this conference is for adults. There is a single adult family campout at Ensign Ranch over Labor Day weekend. This is a great activity for adults and children. Click here for more information.

Will housing be available?

We are not able to provide housing in member's homes.